Multi disciplinary creative concepts, produced in graphic, print, photography, web, and event design, social media, documentary videos and promos.

Funkshion: FASHION WEEK MIAMI XV Seasons

To develop a creative direction, design, produce artworks and photography for the state of art book honoring 15th Funkshion season. Launching & event was held at the Art Deco Gallery on Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.

Creative Concept:
To produce & photograph 15 art sculptures inspired with FASHION created from found objects at Funkshion warehouse during 15 days period (Real Time Art).

Creative Concept & Direction | Graphic Design | Photography | Art Production

Funkshion: Fashion Week Miami XV Book


Creative direction and design of the launching event that celebrated print publishing project created by acclaimed graphic designer Paula Scher of Pentagram Design (New York), inspired by Cyrillic alphabet. A multimedia events were held in Museum of Contemporary Arts, Belgrade and Art Directors Club, NYC.

Based by Paula Scher’s designs, a prototype of the furniture in shape of Cyrillic alphabet was produced, as well as exclusive dinnerware, billboards and other items.

Creative Concept & Direction



Is it possible to conceive project for client whose mission and message are intended to be so powerful that launching would go live on National TV? That happened with Antiwall publishing project we created for our client Publikum, a printing house from Europe/Belgrade.

The mission of the project was inspired by idea of pushing the walls between art genres and borders that divide countries and cultures bringing different expirees closer. World renowned artists like Barbara Kruger, Christo, Marina Abramovic participated in the project.

Creative Concept & Direction